What our customers say about indigu

Additional field reports about working with indigu.

I have experienced Christoph Wolf as a coach as well as a trainer. In both cases I was constantly amazed about the high profile with which he sees the process through. He doesn’t apply standard patterns but develops approached tailored to suit individual needs. I really appreciate his supervision.

Udo BräuManagement, Meierhofer AG, Munich

The co-operation with indigo is pragmatic and straightforward, the trainings individually matched to the requirements of our company.

The positive feedback of the participants corroborates the professional attitude and variety of methods which Christoph Wolf applies to his work

Regine MidderHR-Manager, Aichelin

Management-development at AUSTRIAN and indigu (formerly Coachingzimmer) have been in a close business- relationship since 2011. Quality of work, esprit and a treasure trove of methods achieving stustained success repeatedly inspire our Talents, First Time Leaders just as much as our top-management. 

Vice President HR, Austrian Airlines Group

Christoph Wolf has inspired our team right from the start with practical relevance and authority. We are already looking forward to our next Workshop.

Michaela KainsnerManaging Director, Meierhofer Schweiz AG

I would also like to thank the whole team! You have not only mightily impressed myself, but swept away the whole staff! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Course participant Team development

Regina, thanks for the flexible evening-session which I once again found very helpful and constructive.

Coaching customerManaging Director

Dear Red Campus – students, teachers, tutors, organisers!

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful time and constructive Schüler, Lehrer, Betreuerinnen, Organisatorinnen!

Ich möchte mich bei euch allen für die schöne Zeit und konstruktive teamwork.

This seminar has been the best ever, since I joined Austrian. I have learnt new methods how to better understand people, realised why some things work out the way they do and received tools to better deploy personnel. And lastly, I also received some insight as to why I act in a certain way in certain situations.

Michael SommererDirector of Airframe Maintenance & Workshops, Austrian

Coming from a technical or scientific background straight from university or other tertiary institutions and then all of a sudden having to work with customers from diverse cultural backgrounds trying to master complex customer service projects can be quite challenging for some. This makes it all the more important that all team-members in a customer-oriented project as well as in other situations not only have a clear understanding of the term ‘service’ and most importantly embody it. This is exactly what Martina Fahrnberger is honing in her excellent seminar – great content and even I have learnt something new again.

Michael StanekBusiness Management, API Global & Managing Director, Patheon

Christoph Wolf escorts our managers through professionally designed trainings, workshops and coachings. begleitet unsere Führungskräfte durch professionell gestaltete Trainings, Workshops und Coachings. During the teamwork he inspires through his feeling for the actual situation, his constructive ideas and his problem-solving approach. He expertly understands how to impart essential, modern management tools and reflect on them with executive perssonnel on a very high level. We all appreciate the co-operation with Mr. Wolf and benefit from his commitment, his vast knowledge and the use of pragmatic methods.

Angela HubertHead HR-development, Porr

I hope we will be able to keep this trainer, whose knowledge and abilities seem to be limitless, throughout the whole series. This is by far the best advanced training I have experienced my entire life. This training also reassures me that my career change towards trainer was the right thing to do and perfectly suits my interests. This seminar has not only enriched me professionally, but also has made me immensely happy on a personal and emotional level

Course-Participant Train the Trainer

The cooperation with indigu, which is based on individual coaching as well as working in groups and teams, is marked in a methodical and consistent way by a lasting motto: “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.” (Lao Tzu) This makes it possible to implement a demonstrably positive impact on the co-operation within the organisation as well as the personal work-space of the members of staff.

Norbert WirthBusiness development and corporate investment management, Aichelin

Right from the first time I met Mr. Wolf I was convinced that this systemic concept for leadership, the approach to it in a modular way and especially the training-duo of Christoph Wolf and Barbara Guwak were exactly the kind of leadership program that I had in mind for our High Potentials.

Maximilian PointnerCEO Sparkasse Oberösterreich

“…I wanted to once again thank you for the wonderful educational and exciting days of the seminar! I was taught so much: it was really reassuring to learn that it is a good idea to remain on the process-level and that as a trainer you do not always have to be a technical expert. Thank you also for guiding us through the ISO-Certification which put me under considerable stress which I am sure must have shown. …it was simply great, and I hope we’ll meet again in the not too distant future.”

Asja v. BerlepschLearning Consultant