indigu. is an established international provider of training courses and development programs of exceptional quality

Focus on effectiveness

Investing into further education and development only makes sense if it provides tangible results. Which is why we find Transfer so important. Our work provides real-world solutions always aimed at being implemented, as study-content, experiences and new new insights should not be left behind in the seminar room.

Development with fun

We promote growth by creating a suitable environment whilst giving you professional input. A climate conducive to learning and development in the fields of personality, leadership, training, customer-orientation and HR-management

Reliably high quality

We take tried and tested methods and re-design them according to individual needs and targets so that our offer is custom made for the client. And because quality can never be a flash in the pan, we constantly evaluate our indigu-products and if necessary, tweak and fine-tune them every now and then.

People and management

Customers appreciate us, because we always see the employee as a human being, without losing focus on the business goals. We provide support for businesses and employees during changes and development.

indigu. stands for  individual guidance