Leadership Development – Accompanying Programme for Managers

training designed for you – education that inspires, with long-term impact.

Well roared, Lion?

People on the career ladder like to go part of the way with indigu. We accompany them with hands-on-energy without smothering them, because substance is just as important as room for development.

The Programme



eing able to make sound decisions in difficult situations providing support and directions without claiming to be able to do that invariably (Definition after Syst®, Elisabeth Ferrari, Matthias Varga von Kibed)

You recognise leadership if the request of the company becomes the purpose of the organisation (based loosely on Wittgenstein).

Graduates of our courses and seminars are able to

  • stand up for their company – as a whole or for an organisational section
  • make sophisticated decisions for the company and ensure that these are being implemented

Target group


ou are or aim to become an executive

  • prospective executives & talents
  • team-leaders, gaffers, master craftspersons
  • project-leaders and executives in matrix-organisations
  • heads of department, division managers



ithout leadership there is no organisation, as leadership is at the core of every enterprise. Every subject, each development, any organisation goes through the following phases conforming to the structure of our training

  • open up and develop ideas
  • promote novelties and make decisions
  • organise (for the first time)
  • implement (serial production) and evaluate
  • adjust, bidding farewell and letting go

In each of these phases, leadership is required on three different levels:

  • self-management
  • management of others
  • management of systems or organisations

This is what we prepare your executives for.

Customer References

Right from the first time I met Mr. Wolf I was convinced that this systemic concept for leadership, the approach to it in a modular way and especially the training-duo of Christoph Wolf and Barbara Guwak were exactly the kind of leadership program that I had in mind for our High Potentials.
Sparkasse Oberösterreich
Maximilian Pointner, CEO Sparkasse Oberösterreich
(Customer Leadership Course)

Train the Trainer – High-End Education for Seminar Hosts

your demands and our know-how combine into inspiring trainer education.

Why Train the Trainer?

We turn trainers into top-trainers! We make systemic approaches more tangible, introduce you to didactic tricks, learning and teaching tools and everything else you need to sail through the routine of being a trainer in a relaxed and successful way. The icing on the cake is the option of getting ISO-certification for all participants – a major flagship for your company.

The Programme



he know-how of a company often is just in the heads of the employees. Successfully growing companies make sure that new as well as existing employees build up knowledge and skills that are essential for the success of the company quickly and cost-effectively. We can help you there: Your experts have the content-related knowledge; with an indigu Train the Trainer course they gain the expertise to impart knowledge and practical skills to colleagues and customers.


he goal of the Train the Trainer course is thus easily framed: Prospective Trainers are capable of creating a pleasant atmosphere for the group, conducive to learning, present the desired content in coherent parcels and pave the way so the newly acquired skills will be put to practical use within the company.

All of this is not only taught and consolidated in our TtT-courses but will also be tested at the end. Your trainers will then have an accredited ISO 17024 certification.


rainers with the following technical expertise have been trained and certified by us and are now working in the field: Lean Manager, Apprentice Trainer, Purchasing Manager, Plant Maintenance, Legal Experts, Plant Operationalisation, Cultural Change Agents, Measuring and Testing Systems Admins, Emission Experts….

Target group


his course is for people who may have been training colleagues and customers for years and would like to take their trainer skills to the next level. In-house trainers, part-time and full-time. indigu Trainer courses have already been beneficial for people with long-term experience as well as lateral entrants.


Basic und Advanced Programme


articipants practise under almost real-time conditions: if they are going to train equipment-know-how the show- and live-trainings will be carried out directly at the facility. If training is about a specific software, exercises will directly relate to it. Practical suitability is paramount.

  • team building,
  • critical reflection of individual training experience and expertise,
  • multiple live training sessions for each participant with comprehensive feedback,
  • didactics including neuro-didactics,
  • systemic training methods,
  • the levels of learning according to Nora and Gregory Bateson,
  • The chords of learning according to  Matthias Varga von Kibéd,
  • solution-focused interventions and coaching techniques.

s a standard we offer this Basic and Advanced Programme in English and German. Due to our international team we can also offer other languages, such as Chinese, Russian or Japanese.

Special Modules

  • Media design (flip-charts, PPT, manuals,…)
  • Designing e-learnings or blended learning courses
  • Supervision of large audiences
  • Salutogenesis and resilience – staying healthy and empowering your resources
  • Techniques of creativity in trainings
  • Training in dynamic organisations
  • Project Management, Lean Management
  • Voice Training
  • Outdoor modules

Signed and sealed


e recommend, as – in a manner of speaking – ‘the crowning glory of the training’, you obtain the internationally accredited ISO 17024 certification.

Customer References

Implementing a TtT programme was a new and much discussed idea. Now, after the basic course has taken place, the unanimous view – and even the sceptics agree – is, that it was worth every minute. New ideas; a different approach; training can be fun. And so it should. Our thanks to indigu. We hope for many years of cooperation!

Leybold – VTS Academy, AtlasCopco Group

Jens Kamke Training Center Manager EMEA/US

The TtT programme was great. It was really useful not only for training but also for our professional lives. Using some TtT technics in my work I could improve my performance. For me it was excellent and I hope to be applied for the next. 

AVL List GmbH Skills Center

Marcio Bernardino Hyodo AVL South America

Dear Gina, many thanks for your fantastic support during this training programme. It is really great to see the development of our participants here and that they then completed it so successfully. Thanks again, warm regards, hope to see you soon Lilly

AVL List GmbH Academy & Training

Elisabeth Klausner, Specialist Development & Training

Customer Care Experience – Sales Training for Experts with Customer Contact

training designed for you – flexible, target-group oriented, pragmatic und fit for implementation.

You never wanted to become a sales-person but repeatedly have customer-contact?

You want your guests to leave the house full of good impressions. You want your visitors to be satisfied. – indigu will teach you how to organise minor and major customer experiences.

The Programme



e support you in perfectly preparing your employees, so that visits of customers, phone calls, business meals, audits and the exchange between experts are carried out not just satisfactorily, but successfully, and in a memorably pleasing way. Positive customer experiences lead to long-term successful business relationships. Customers who are justifiably comfortable with your employees will gladly and with increased confidence revert to products and services from your company.

You deservedly want customers who feel well looked after by your employees.

Target group


our employees and managers form areas like technical department, purchasing, maintenance who are not constantly in the frontline of sales, but who occasionally have meetings with customers in which they need to convey a professional impression of your company. The programme Customer Care Experience provides them with a succinct training to successfully organise their customer contacts.

People who increasingly will have points of contact with important customers.



he following subjects are trained using systemic models, practical exercises, simulated conversations, and case studies from your company:

Preparing a customer visit

Becoming familiar with various kinds of people (without making judgements). What is my own personality-type? How do I come across to other people? What is the typology of my customers? What do they expect from me? What are the various patterns? How can they complement each other? What kind of experience does my customer wish for or what should he get? What kind of impressions should the visit make? What should never ever happen?

Demeanour in customer contact

A good first impression creates a positive prevailing mood. What are the components of the first impression? how do clothing and body-language work?

Correct small-talk

The art of an open-minded conversation – without using platitudes – is a great, if not necessary introduction to important negotiations.

Attitude as a host

What does it mean to receive a customer at your company? How do you develop an honest and welcoming attitude as a host?

Confident communication

Your staff will learn how to expertly steer challenging conversational situations and meet customer expectations in a solution-oriented way without losing track of their own targets and limits.

Intercultural cooperation

Recognise differences and similarities and handle them professionally: What must be paid special attention to in the various countries of customers? How are customs different – totally obviously or indeed very subtly? National etiquette – the dos and don’ts in international cooperation.

Developing ownership

Representing the company purposefully. Taking responsibility and doing justice to the interests of the product, of the own company and of the customer.

Customer References

Coming from a technical or scientific background straight from university or other tertiary institutions and then all of a sudden having to work with customers from diverse cultural backgrounds, trying to master complex customer service projects, can be quite challenging for some. This makes it all the more important that all team-members in a customer-oriented project as well as in other situations not only have a clear understanding of the term ‘service’ and most importantly embody it. This is exactly what Martina Fahrnberger is honing, in her excellent seminar – great content and even I have learnt something new again.

Patheon by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Michael Stanek
Business Management, API Global & Managing Director – Patheon

Team-Development – Time for things in common

training designed for you – effectiveness and learning environment always paramount

Why a little Time-out?

For more fun, a greater team-spirit, better cooperation, higher motivation and an increased sense of identity.

The Programme



he collective spirit in your company should work better than the sum of the individual players. Like every organism needs interaction of all organs to function flawlessly, your company depends on the harmonious cooperation of all team members. indigu Team-Development provides guidance to improve the willingness and ability of your team-members to cooperate: The aims of our team-development workshops are to get to know each other better, overcome difficult situations together and strengthen the mutual trust.

Target group


eople who are interconnected in processes, need to be able to work together. We assist your teams to get to know each other better, adjust to each other and experience more joy when being successful as a group.



ndigu Team-Development courses are individually customised to suit the actual needs, depending on the respective topic and team-situation.

  • We put out fires when it burns
  • We give support when resources are needed
  • We fire up the team when they lack in motivation

Entertaining, experience oriented and including outdoor-modules

Possible styles

  • inspired by actual work processes
  • simulation game or artificial challenge as a basis for working together
  • joint reflection of the team based on personality- or team-assessments (e.g. INSIGHTS MDI, …)
  • arrangement according to the shared vision or strategy

Customer References

Christoph Wolf has inspired our team right from the start with practical relevance and authority. We are already looking forward to our next workshop.

Michaela Kainsner

Managing Director, Meierhofer Schweiz AG

Coaching – Individual tutoring of executives and high-potentials

“coaching designed for you – we support go-getters and those aspiring to become such

What is coaching? And most importantly, what is it for?!

Jointly – at times quite humorously – taking a view from a different angle onto the minor and major challenges of the professional daily life. – To clear the head and recognise new chances and avenues.

Coaching Services



oaching can be understood as solution oriented mentoring and support with the intention to enhance the ability of self-regulation.

Topics or issues from the workplace such as:

  • Initial vocational guidance or occupational re-orientation.
  • Career start and switch
  • Professional advancement
  • Development coaching using diagnostic tools such as INSIGHTS-MDI® or 360 Degree Feedback
  • Assumption of new responsibilities (management duties, project assignments,…)
  • Conflicts within teams
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Decision-making
  • All kinds of change processes
  • intra- and inter-personal disagreements
  • Enhancement of innovative capabilities
  • Reconcilability of functions in occupational position, professional environment and personal surroundings
  • ….

Target group


ur coaching services are targeted towards people with a need for change or problem solving. Especially those persons, whose primary concern is related to a professional issue. Successful coaching is only possible through an unbiassed perspective towards the topic, problem or concern of the customer; it is thus not necessary to be an expert as regards content which means that no professional or industry group is necessarily excluded.


ue to our own professional careers we have stronger links to mid-size and large companies and corporations, but we also enjoy working with managers and staff from SMEs or independents.



The classic dialogue on par sets the scene of a coaching lesson. This means respecting and acknowledging the coachee, his living environment and his problem-solving strategies. Various interventions are embedded in this conversation: scaling, questions about exemptions, circular questions, reframing, change of perspective, offers of innovation and intuition, and methods of systemic counselling, coaching and constellation work.


he method that will eventually be applied depends entirely on the respective situation: It will be a combination of intuition and experience. We usually introduce the suggested method and the customer decides whether it appears to be suitable. Movement causes the process to get moving: There is more to a process than just sitting and talking which we like to cause our clients to get physically active. A little change of scenery – a new perspective: and suddenly previously invisible options become apparent!


dditional offers: Tools for personality diagnostics: INSIGHTS-MDI® www.insights.at or 360 Degree-Feedback, mostly however not during individual coaching but embedded into an already existing process in the company.


e usually agree on between 5 and 10 units, depending on circumstances and relevant topics. Of course we are happy to also offer a single session. A unit usually takes around 60 minutes. Depending on the wishes of the customers we usually work through between 1.5 and 3 units per session. Coaching-sessions are usually one on one. One customer, one coach. We do however often recommend the luxury-option of two coaches and one or more coachees. We can also offer coaching with reflecting teams.


ast but not least – Customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount here as well. In order to avoid landing where basically no one wanted to go, we make sure to agree on targets and the ways to get there.

Customer References

Thanks for the flexible evening session which I once again found very helpful and constructive.

Managing Director, KMU

Have you heard this one before?

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you love discussions?” – “Can I make that an 11” – “No.” – “Why not?”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how possessive are you?” – “Hand me that scale!”

“On a scale from 1 to 10, how curious are you?” – “Can I have a look at that scale?”

Interface Management – Working stress-free in challenging positions

training designed for you – we have techniques in our workshop toolbox that will make a noticeably positive impact on your professional life.

Conflicting orders from all sides?

You want to cooperate and design rather than be drowning in orders and slaving away? Customers, colleagues, foreign branches, everyone is demanding your attention – we will show you how to actively manage various challenges in your cooperation with interface partners.

The Programme



e support you in staying in the driver’s seat when demands from other departments, colleagues and customers call for you every day. We assist you in formulating powerful questions, when there is the need to quickly make difficult decisions, and in keeping calm when under pressure.

At the core of this programme is everything that makes cooperation in challenging situations successful and empowers people.


raduates of this programme

  • know the “adjusting screws” that allow them to be more capable of acting
  • act proactively
  • have dialogues instead of disputes, cooperate and are quicker in finding solutions.
  • stay calm and resistant in a challenging environment.

Target group


his programme is for those who have to daily master the challenges of cooperating with various departments and persons in a VICA*-environment (*Volatility, Insecurity, Complexity, Ambiguity)



rom a holistic perspective there are three levels that are affected in the reduction of complexity:

  • I-level: own courses of action
  • you-level: cooperation tools
  • we-level: managing relationships

We dedicate an individual module to each level.


  • Models of professional thinking and acting
  • Attitude towards customers and colleagues
  • Personality profiles
  • Differentiation between matter, target, and order
  • Techniques of questioning and coaching
  • Techniques of communication
  • Systemic map of own interfaces
  • Conflict management and prevention
  • How to cope with resistance
  • Time management and driving forces

3 workshops of 2 – 3 days each

Executives amongst the participants are optimally integrated through dedicated half-day workshops followed by practice-oriented work of the whole group in the workshop.
Transfer is secured through blended learning, practical implementation tasks, videos and more.

Simply study wherever and whenever you want to!

eLearning allows you to access your current study content via computer, smartphone or tablet. Here at indigu we provide you with eLearning programs either as an addition to our face-to-face courses or as single and serial courses respectively.

The Programme


study new | study in addition | study differently

and thus

consolidate | recall | repeat | create light-bulb-moments | enable transfer

Target group


ur eLearning offers are targeted towards executives and trainers who would like to enhance and consolidate their knowledge in the field of process-oriented leadership with emphasis on systemic thinking.



ur eLearning offers focus on areas where we have our core competence, which are topics of leadership and design of trainings.

eTrainings as stand-alone offer

Custom-made single and serial courses respectively. “Self-management” would be an example

eModules as integrated part of a training course

or what is commonly referred to as “Blended Learning: The best of both worlds; you take part in face-to-face workshops and consolidate your knowledge between sessions with eLearning-units – anytime and anywhere.


ur eLearnings are usually structured as follows

Introduction | self-assessment | video | basic knowledge | exercises | knowledge test | feedback & conclusion


e purposefully rely on a variety of media and formats: videos, podcasts, animations, quizzes and exercises that can be done online.

These varying formats address different sensory channels and thus enhance the individual perception and processing of study-contents. Subsequently, you gain and/or consolidate your knowledge. The exercises form the basis for implementing your skills into everyday life.


e offer eTrainings and eModules in English and German and upon request also in other languages. Get in touch, we will develop something suitable – training designed for you.

Exclusively for you


e develop eLearning-supported solutions as needed. Besides the existing courses we devise custom-made eTrainings or eModules according to your wishes and requirements. Training designed for you.

HR support – En-route to digitalisation of your processes

digital fitness for you – your requirements and our know-how combine to lean solutions you will be satisfied with.

Let’s just solve your digitalisation-issues!

You suspect that work-time of your highly qualified staff is partially wasted on simple routine tasks?

Your digitalisation-strategy stipulates eLearning, online PD processes, electronic real-time seminar-evaluation or other IT-topics? We can already do that now – let’s talk about it.

The Programme



ou suspect that work-time of your highly qualified staff is partially wasted on simple routine tasks? – You already have digitalisation projects or visions?

In collaboration with you we pursue several main topics.

  • You clear up the resources of your highly trained staff for more sophisticated tasks by digitally automatising recurrent easy tasks.
  • Where possible and sensible you digitalise HR-processes without leaving the human component out in the cold.
  • you raise your valuable HR-tools a whole level by additional conveying of content through eLearning modules.
  • You gain a precise overall view of courseware options and can select the offer best suited to your needs
  • You reduce travel by offering your own topics, and internal or external training digitally.
  • You receive feedback about the quality and practical relevance of your seminars online and without delay
  • the actual learning-transfer of your training is available to you expressed in actual figures and thus easily comparable.

Target group


his support is aimed at HR-managers and PD-officials who strive to practically advance digitalisation; not because it is modern but because there are certain areas where automatisation means a qualitative leap and where eLearning represents an additional valuable and resource-friendly tool.



he focus of cooperation is on areas in which we have been successful for years.

eTraining & eModules as HR-supporting building blocks

To convey PD topics comprehensively into the company in situations where face-to-face training is too cumbersome.

Examples: “We’ve got the results of our staff-survey. What can I do as a manger?” or “Preparing for a termination interview” or “Our management concept – practical application” or “On-board strategy” or “Principles of management” or…

Additionally, we prepare your topics of how to run and design trainings.

You receive custom-made single- or serial courses. – training designed for you.
We specifically develop and supply you with the following building blocks:

  • As SCORM file to be embedded into your Learning-Management-Software LMS – of course with all the necessary support for service and development of content.
  • Open on our own platform and accessible to specialist groups via a system of vouchers or direct payment.
  • To be embedded into our own courses or even into those of other training-providers.

digitalised seminar evaluation

We are the champions of fully electronic performance-measurement of a training. With official scientific proof that our results are validated.

choosing Learning-Management-Software

We know the pros and cons of all suppliers of commercially available LMS. We are happy to help you find the offer best suited to your needs.

indigu HR manufaktur | Peter-Behrens Platz 10, 2. Stock, Pixel, 4020 Linz | office@indigu.at +43 680 31 55 001